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Special Sermons

PassageSermon TitlePreacherDateAudio
Session 4:A Husband’s High Calling: How like Christ are you?Ian HamiltionMay 2010Click Here
Session 3:A Wife’s Delight: Is this what you are doing?Ian HamiltionMay 2010Click Here
Session 2:Mutual Submission: Why is it so rare?Ian HamiltionMay 2010Click Here
Session 1:The Spirit-filled Life: Would you know it if you saw it?Ian HamiltionMay 2010Click Here
Westminster Larger CatechismQuestions 143-145 (The 9th Commandment)Arie van Eyk2007-10-05 PMClick Here
Genesis 18:19God Seeks a Godly SeedArie van Eyk2008-08-24 AMClick Here
1 Corinthians 13Love: Its Great VictoryDr. Tony Curto2008-08-10 PMClick Here
1 Corinthians 13Love: A Sure FoundationDr. Tony Curto2008-08-10 AMClick Here
1 Corinthians 13Love and its TrainDr. Tony Curto2008-07-06 PMClick Here
1 Corinthians 13Greatest of the Heavenly TriadDr. Tony Curto2008-07-06 AMClick Here
John 13:1-17Servants, One to AnotherArie van Eyk2008-04-06 PMClick Here
Genesis 2:18-25Part I The Mystery WoundArie van Eyk2007-09-02 PMClick Here
Genesis 2:18-25Part II A Garden WeddingArie van Eyk2007-09-09 PMClick Here
Genesis 2:18-25Part III Equality and HierarchyArie van Eyk2007-09-23 PMClick Here
Genesis 2:18-25Part IV Love at First SightArie van Eyk2007-09-30 PMClick Here
Genesis 2:18-25Part V God’s Words about MarriageArie van Eyk2007-10-07 PMClick Here
Romans 8:9-17Adopted by GodArie van Eyk2007-07-08 AMClick Here

We do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus' sake. - 2 Cor. 4:5




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