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2011-2012 Sermons:

Passage Sermon Title Preacher Date Audio
Philippians 3:12-4:9 New Year?s Counsel Arie van Eyk 2013-01-06 PM Click Here
Acts 2:29-47 New Commitment to New Community Bill Shishko 2013-01-06 PM Click Here
Romans 1:18-23 Can We Know God? Gabe Fluhrer 2012-12-30 PM Click Here
Mark 1:1-13 The Son in the Wilderness Gabe Fluhrer 2012-12-30 AM Click Here
Hebrews 10:1-10 Perspective from the Manger Arie van Eyk 2012-12-23 PM Click Here
Isaiah 9:2-7 For to us a child is born? Arie van Eyk 2012-12-23 AM Click Here
Exodus 22:16-31 For I Am Compassionate Arie van Eyk 2012-12-16 PM Click Here
Luke 16:19-31 Two Lives, Two Loves, Two Destinies Arie van Eyk 2012-12-16 AM Click Here
Exodus 21:33-22:15 Property Laws Arie van Eyk 2012-12-09 PM Click Here
Luke 16:14-18 Two Responses to the Gospel Arie van Eyk 2012-12-09 AM Click Here
Exodus 21:12-32 Mercy Triumphs over Judgment Arie van Eyk 2012-12-02 PM Click Here
Luke 16:1-13 Faithfulness and Dishonesty Arie van Eyk 2012-12-02 AM Click Here
Exodus 21:1-11 I Love my Master Arie van Eyk 2012-11-25 PM Click Here
Psalm 136 Give Thanks to the Lord Arie van Eyk 2012-11-25 AM Click Here
Isaiah 42:1-4 The Lord Sings of His Beloved Servant Mr. Jeffrey Carter 2012-11-18 PM Click Here
Mark 7:1-23 The True Source of Defilement Mr. Jeffrey Carter 2012-11-18 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:22-26 The Beauty of Biblical Worship Arie van Eyk 2012-11-11 PM N/A
Psalm 146 Our Only Hope and Help Arie van Eyk 2012-11-11 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:18-21 The Proper Response to Hearing the Law Arie van Eyk 2012-11-04 PM Click Here
Luke 15:25-32 The Elder Brother & Gracious Father Arie van Eyk 2012-11-04 AM Click Here
2 Timothy 3 Sola Scriptura Arie van Eyk 2012-10-28 PM Click Here
Luke 15:11-24 The Lost Son and Gracious Father Arie van Eyk 2012-10-28 AM Click Here
Genesis 1:1-2:3 The Order of Creation Joby Fowler 2012-10-21 PM Click Here
Genesis 1:1-2:3 No Place Where His Voice Is Not Heard Joby Fowler 2012-10-21 AM Click Here
1 Samuel 5 God of gods John van Eyk 2012-10-14 PM Click Here
1 Samuel 4 The Exile of God John van Eyk 2012-10-14 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:17 10th Commandment: Being Content Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-10-07 PM Click Here
Luke 15:1-10 Joy in the Kingdom! Arie van Eyk 2012-10-07 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:17 10th Commandment: Being Content Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-09-30 PM Click Here
Luke 14:25-35 Discipleship Costs You Everything Arie van Eyk 2012-09-30 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:16 9th: Speaking the Truth in Love Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-09-23 PM Click Here
Luke 14:12-24 Invitation to the Great Banquet Arie van Eyk 2012-09-23 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:16 9th: Speaking the Truth in Love Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-09-16 PM Click Here
Luke 14:1-11 Jesus Exposes our Hearts Arie van Eyk 2012-09-16 AM Click Here
Psalm 131 Humble and Content in the LORD Michael Spangler 2012-09-09 PM Click Here
Psalm 130 The Believer?s Journey Arie van Eyk 2012-09-09 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:15 8th Commandment: The Lord is Mine Inheritance Arie van Eyk 2012-09-02 PM Click Here
Luke 13:31-35 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem Arie van Eyk 2012-09-02 AM Click Here
Proverbs 5 7th: What God has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-08-26 PM Click Here
Luke 13:22-30 The Narrow Door is Still Open Arie van Eyk 2012-08-26 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:13 7th: What God has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-08-19 PM Click Here
Luke 13:18-21 The Kingdom of God is Like? Arie van Eyk 2012-08-19 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:13 6th Commandment: The Preciousness of Life Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-08-12 PM Click Here
Luke 13:10-17 Liberty for the Oppressed Arie van Eyk 2012-08-12 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:13 6th Commandment: The Preciousness of Life Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-08-05 PM Click Here
Luke 13:1-9 Repent or Perish Arie van Eyk 2012-08-05 AM Click Here
Matthew 6:1-4 Principles for Piety Calvin Tuininga 2012-07-29 PM Click Here
Proverbs 2 Seeking God Calvin Tuininga 2012-07-29 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:12 5th Commandment: Honor to Whom Honor is Due Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-07-22 PM Click Here
Luke 12:49-59 Baptism of Fire Arie van Eyk 2012-07-22 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:12 5th Commandment: Honor to Whom Honor is Due Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-07-15 PM Click Here
Luke 12:38-48 Ready or Not? Arie van Eyk 2012-07-15 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:8-11 4th Commandment: Rest Your Weary Soul Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-07-08 PM N/A
Luke 12:22-34 The Ultimate Remedy for Worry Arie van Eyk 2012-07-08 AM N/A
John 13:1-17 Christ's Love and Yours Al Tricarico 2012-07-01 PM Click Here
Isaiah 44:1-5 Nurturing our Children in Faith not Fear Arie van Eyk 2012-07-01 AM Click Here
Job 1 Can I Trust God? Bill Marsh 2012-06-24 PM Click Here
Isaiah 8 Where is your hope? Paul Mulner 2012-06-24 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:8-11 4th Commandment: Rest Your Weary Soul Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2012-06-17 PM Click Here
Luke 12:13-21 This Night Your Soul is Required Arie van Eyk 2012-06-17 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:7 3rd Commandment: Reverencing the Name of Yahweh Arie van Eyk 2012-06-10 PM Click Here
Luke 12:1-12 Confessing Christ Arie van Eyk 2012-06-10 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:4-6 2nd Commandment: Worship God Correctly Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2012-06-03 PM N/A
Luke 11:45-54 The Stolen Key Arie van Eyk 2012-06-03 AM Click Here
Exodus 28:1-30 Our Faithful and Merciful High Priest J. Scott Fuller 2012-05-27 PM Click Here
Exodus 25:1-22 The Presence of the Lord J. Scott Fuller 2012-05-27 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:4-6 2nd Commandment: Worship the Correct God the Correct Way Arie van Eyk 2012-05-20 PM Click Here
Luke 11:37-46 All External But No Heart Arie van Eyk 2012-05-20 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:3 1st Commandment: No Other Gods Arie van Eyk 2012-05-13 PM N/A
Luke 11:33-36 Christ Illumines All Arie van Eyk 2012-05-13 AM Click Here
2 Kings 6:8-25 Lord, Open Our Eyes That We May See John McGowan 2012-05-06 PM Click Here
2 Kings 5:1-14 Are You Free From God?s Curse? John McGowan 2012-05-06 AM Click Here
Genesis 3:6-8 Fear of Man Part 2 Cody Ray 2012-04-29 PM Click Here
Proverbs 29:25 Fear of Man Part 1 Cody Ray 2012-04-29 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:1-2 The Preface: Covenantal and Redemptive Arie van Eyk 2012-04-22 PM Click Here
Luke 11:29-36 Jesus Christ Is The Sign Arie van Eyk 2012-04-22 AM Click Here
Romans 1:1-7 The Gospel of God Irfon Hughes 2012-04-18 PM Click Here
Matthew 4:1-11 Facing Trials Irfon Hughes 2012-04-18 AM Click Here
John 20:1-18 Redemption and Re-Creation Arie van Eyk 2012-04-08 PM Click Here
Mark 16 The Lord of Glory Arie van Eyk 2012-04-08 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:1-17 Three Uses of the Law Arie van Eyk 2012-04-01 PM Click Here
Luke 11:14-28 The Stronger Man Arie van Eyk 2012-04-01 AM Click Here
Exodus 20:1-17 The Law of God Arie van Eyk 2012-03-25 PM Click Here
Luke 11:5-13 Attitude and Expectancy Arie van Eyk 2012-03-25 AM Click Here
Isaiah 55:10-11 The Sufficient, Fruitful Word of God Gabriel Fluhrer 2012-03-18 PM Click Here
Colossians 1:15 The Incomparable Christ Gabriel Fluhrer 2012-03-18 AM Click Here
Exodus 19:8b-25 God?s Immanence Arie van Eyk 2012-03-11 PM Click Here
Luke 11:4 Father, Lead Us Not Into Temptation Arie van Eyk 2012-03-11 AM Click Here
Acts 2:42-47 The Breaking of Bread and Prayer Cliff Blair 2012-03-04 PM Click Here
Acts 2:42-47 The Apostles? Teaching and Fellowship Cliff Blair 2012-03-04 AM N/A
Exodus 19:8b-25 God?s Transcendence Arie van Eyk 2012-02-26 PM Click Here
Luke 11:3 Father, Forgive Us Our Sins Arie van Eyk 2012-02-26 AM Click Here
1 Peter 2:11-25 The Sin-Bearer who Enables His People to Live Righteously Dr. George Knight III 2012-02-19 PM Click Here
Luke 11:3 Father, Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread Arie van Eyk 2012-02-19 AM N/A
Exodus 19:1-7 The Obedience of the Redeemed Arie van Eyk 2012-02-12 PM Click Here
Luke 11:2 Your Kingdom Come Arie van Eyk 2012-02-12 AM Click Here
Exodus 18:13-27 The Origin of Presbyterianism Arie van Eyk 2012-02-05 PM Click Here
Luke 11:1-4 Hallowed be Your Name Arie van Eyk 2012-02-05 AM Click Here
Exodus 18:1-12 Jethro Rejoices in Yahweh?s Salvation Arie van Eyk 2012-01-29 PM Click Here
Luke 11:2 Our Father Arie van Eyk 2012-01-29 AM N/A
Exodus 17:8-16 Yahweh's Enemies Overwhelmed Arie van Eyk 2012-01-22 PM Click Here
Luke 11:1-4 Lord, Teach Us to Pray Arie van Eyk 2012-01-22 AM Click Here
Exodus 17:1-7 And The Rock Was Christ Arie van Eyk 2012-01-15 PM Click Here
Luke 10:38-42 One Thing is Necessary Arie van Eyk 2012-01-15 AM Click Here
Matthew 13:44-46 Christ Is Made the Sure Foundations Mr. Octavius Delfils 2012-01-08 PM Click Here
Philippians 1 The Need for a Personal Confession of Faith Mr. Octavius Delfils 2012-01-08 AM Click Here
Exodus 16:22-36 The Sabbath: A Gift From God Arie van Eyk 2012-01-01 PM Click Here
Romans 1:18-25 Contrast: Some Reflections to Begin an Exciting New Year Bill Shishko 2012-01-01 AM Click Here
John 1:1-18 The Word Became Flesh Arie van Eyk 2011-12-25 PM Click Here
John 1:1-13 Eternity Intrudes Time Arie van Eyk 2011-12-25 AM Click Here
Exodus 16:1-36 Bread From Heaven Arie van Eyk 2011-12-18 PM Click Here
Luke 10:25-37 A Perfect Opportunity? Arie van Eyk 2011-12-18 AM Click Here
Exodus 15:22-26 God's Sweetener Arie van Eyk 2011-12-11 PM Click Here
Luke 10:17-24 Joy, Joy, Joy Arie van Eyk 2011-12-11 AM Click Here
Exodus 15:1-21 A Song of Triumphant Arie van Eyk 2011-12-04 PM Click Here
Luke 10:1-16 Evangelism Explosion Arie van Eyk 2011-12-04 AM Click Here
Exodus 14:26-31 Through the Waters - Part 2 Arie van Eyk 2011-11-27 PM Click Here
Luke 9:51-62 Hard Sayings Arie van Eyk 2011-11-27 AM Click Here
Exodus 14:15-25 Through the Waters - Part 1 Arie van Eyk 2011-11-20 PM Click Here
Colossians 3:1-17 And Be Thankful Arie van Eyk 2011-11-20 AM Click Here
Numbers 32:1-42 Do not take us across the Jordon Cliff Blair 2011-11-13 PM Click Here
1 Peter 2:4-12 A Choice Stone, A Precious Corner Stone Cliff Blair 2011-11-13 AM Click Here
Exodus 14:1-14 Between Satan and the Big Red Sea Arie van Eyk 2011-11-06 PM Click Here
Luke 9:43b-50 Let Christ's Words Sink Into Our Ears Arie van Eyk 2011-11-06 AM Click Here
Ephesians 2:1-10 Gospel Solas Arie van Eyk 2011-10-30 PM Click Here
Romans 1:9-17 Gospel Righteousness Arie van Eyk 2011-10-30 AM Click Here
Psalm 137 Singing the Lord's Song in a Foreign Land Tim McClymonds 2011-10-23 PM Click Here
Psalm 76 Immanuel Victorious Tim McClymonds 2011-10-23 AM Click Here
Exodus 13:17-22 He Leadeth Me Arie van Eyk 2011-10-16 PM Click Here
Luke 9:37-43 The Majesty of God Arie van Eyk 2011-10-16 AM Click Here
Exodus 12:43-13:16 Redemption of the First-Born Arie van Eyk 2011-10-09 PM Click Here
Luke 9:28-36 The Glory and Majesty of Christ Arie van Eyk 2011-10-09 AM Click Here
Exodus 12:29-42 Exodus Arie van Eyk 2011-10-02 PM Click Here
Luke 9:18-27 Confession & Discipleship Arie van Eyk 2011-10-02 AM Click Here
Genesis 43:15-34 Celebrate the Festival Arie van Eyk 2011-09-25 PM Click Here
Luke 9:10-17 Satisfier of Souls Arie van Eyk 2011-09-25 AM Click Here
Exodus 12:1-13 The Lord's Passover Arie van Eyk 2011-09-18 PM Click Here
Luke 9:1-9 Lessons in Short-Term Mission Arie van Eyk 2011-09-18 AM Click Here
Exodus 11 The Deadly Plague Arie van Eyk 2011-09-11 PM Click Here
Luke 8:40-56 Faith Rewarded Arie van Eyk 2011-09-11 AM Click Here
Genesis 4:5-15 The Pitiful Man Irfon Hughes 2011-09-04 PM Click Here
Mark 4:35-41 The Excellent Savior Irfon Hughes 2011-09-04 AM Click Here
Psalm 119:57-64 The Christian Life Part 4 Tony Curto 2011-08-28 PM Click Here
Psalm 119:57-64 The Christian Life Part 3 Tony Curto 2011-08-28 AM Click Here
Exodus 10:21-29 The Blackness of Darkness Arie van Eyk 2011-08-21 PM Click Here
Luke 8:26-39 Clothed and in his Right Mind Arie van Eyk 2011-08-21 AM Click Here
Exodus 10:1-20 Painful Boils and Smashing Hail Arie van Eyk 2011-08-14 PM Click Here
Luke 8:22-25 A Stormed Calmed and a Storm Created Arie van Eyk 2011-08-14 AM Click Here
Exodus 9:8-35 Painful Boils and Smashing Hail Arie van Eyk 2011-08-07 PM Click Here
Luke 8:16-21 Take Care How You Hear Arie van Eyk 2011-08-07 AM Click Here
Exodus 8:20-9:7 Flies Swarm and Livestock Die Arie van Eyk 2011-07-31 PM Click Here
Luke 8:4-15 Responses to the Hearing of the Word Arie van Eyk 2011-07-31 AM Click Here
Exodus 8:1-19 Frogs & Gnats Everywhere! Arie van Eyk 2011-07-24 PM Click Here
Luke 7:36-8:3 Forgiven Much, Loves Much Arie van Eyk 2011-07-24 AM Click Here
2 Kings 5:1-19 Naaman: The Saul of the Old Testament Dr. Sid Dyer 2011-07-17 PM Click Here
Mark 5:21-43 Jesus and a Desperate Man Dr. Sid Dyer 2011-07-17 AM Click Here
Exodus 7:14-25 Water Transformed into Blood Arie van Eyk 2011-07-10 PM Click Here
Luke 7:18-35 Is He The Messiah? Arie van Eyk 2011-07-10 AM Click Here
Exodus 7:8-13 Prove Yourself Arie van Eyk 2011-07-03 PM Click Here
Luke 7:11-17 How New Life is Given by our Lord Jesus Arie van Eyk 2011-07-03 AM Click Here
Matthew 25:1-13 Are You Ready for Christ's Return? Alan Dueck 2011-06-26 PM Click Here
Isaiah 6:1-7 A Need for Holiness Alan Dueck 2011-06-26 AM Click Here
Exodus 6:28-7:7 Speak to Pharaoh... he will not Listen Arie van Eyk 2011-06-19 PM Click Here
Luke 7:1-10 Faith that Makes Jesus Marvel Arie van Eyk 2011-06-19 AM Click Here
Exodus 6:13-7:7 Pharoah will not Listen, Yet Speak Arie van Eyk 2011-06-12 PM Click Here
Luke 6:46-49 Foundation for Living Arie van Eyk 2011-06-12 AM Click Here
Exodus 5:22-6:13 Whom Will Israel Serve? Arie van Eyk 2011-06-05 PM N/A
Luke 6:37-45 Judge not... Arie van Eyk 2011-06-05 AM Click Here
Exodus 5:1-21 Whom Will Israel Serve? Arie van Eyk 2011-05-29 PM Click Here
Luke 6:27-36 Gracious to your Enemy Arie van Eyk 2011-05-29 AM Click Here
Exodus 4:18-31 Blood Turns Away Wrath Arie van Eyk 2011-05-22 PM Click Here
Luke 6:17-26 Characteristics of Kingdom Living Arie van Eyk 2011-05-22 AM Click Here
Galatians 4:4-7 Adoption Dr. Joseph Pipa 2011-05-15 PM Click Here
Job 1-2 Knowing Your Enemy Dr. Joseph Pipa 2011-05-15 AM Click Here
Exodus 4:10-17 Who Made Man's Mouth? Arie van Eyk 2011-05-08 PM Click Here
Luke 6:12-16 Christ's Strategy for the Church Arie van Eyk 2011-05-08 AM Click Here
Exodus 4:1-9 I AM Ecourages Moses Arie van Eyk 2011-05-01 PM Click Here
Luke 6:6-11 The Law of Love Arie van Eyk 2011-05-01 AM Click Here
1 Corinthians 15:23 Christ the Firstfruits Dr. John Carrick 2011-04-24 PM Click Here
John 11:25 I AM the Resurrection and the Life Dr. John Carrick 2011-04-24 AM Click Here
Exodus 3:11-22 I AM Arie van Eyk 2011-04-17 PM Click Here
Luke 6:1-5 Lord's Day-Gift of God Arie van Eyk 2011-04-17 AM Click Here
Genesis 45:1-15 God is in Control Alan Dueck 2011-04-10 PM Click Here
Luke 5:33-39 It's Time for Feasting Arie van Eyk 2011-04-10 AM Click Here
Exodus 3:1-10 The Unburning Bush Arie van Eyk 2011-04-03 PM Click Here
Luke 5:27-31 The Scandal of Grace Arie van Eyk 2011-04-03 AM Click Here
Exodus 2:23-25 Most Moved Mediator Arie van Eyk 2011-03-27 PM Click Here
Luke 5:17-24 Grace Enables Us to Walk Arie van Eyk 2011-03-27 AM Click Here
1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Gospel Wrought Revolution Jonathan Shisko 2011-03-20 PM Click Here
John 11:38-44 Why Jesus Waited Jonathan Shisko 2011-03-20 AM Click Here
Exodus 2:11-22 Israel's Redeemer Arie van Eyk 2011-03-13 PM Click Here
Luke 5:12-16 Trading Places Arie van Eyk 2011-03-13 AM Click Here
Exodus 2:1-10 Death and Rebirth on the Nile Arie van Eyk 2011-03-06 PM Click Here
Luke 5:1-11 The Making of a True Disciple Arie van Eyk 2011-03-06 AM Click Here
Exodus 1:15-22 God-fearers are Blessed Arie van Eyk 2011-02-27 PM Click Here
Luke 4:31-44 What a Sabbath Day! Arie van Eyk 2011-02-27 AM Click Here
Exodus 1:8-14 The Church Opressed Arie van Eyk 2011-02-20 PM Click Here
Luke 4:14-30 A Privledge Rejected Arie van Eyk 2011-02-20 AM Click Here
Exodus 1:1-7 Exodus-The Gospel According to Mosses Arie van Eyk 2011-02-13 PM Click Here
Luke 3:23-4:13 The Last Adam's Victory Arie van Eyk 2011-02-13 AM Click Here
Genesis 50:15-26 God's Grace and Faithfulness Triumphs Arie van Eyk 2011-02-06 PM Click Here
Luke 3:15-22 Christ the Baptizer Arie van Eyk 2011-02-06 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:29-50:14 Home is in Canaan Arie van Eyk 2011-01-30 PM Click Here
Luke 3:1-14 Preparing the Way of the Lord Arie van Eyk 2011-01-30 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:13-28 Blessings Suitable to Each Arie van Eyk 2011-01-23 PM Click Here
Luke 2:39-52 The Boy Jesus in His Father?s House Arie van Eyk 2011-01-23 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:8-12 The Lion from Judah?s Tribe Arie van Eyk 2011-01-16 PM Click Here
Luke 2:21-38 In the Christ Child Simeon saw Salvation Arie van Eyk 2011-01-16 AM Click Here
John 8:31-34 Slave or Free? Part II Bill Shishko 2011-01-09 PM Click Here
John 8:12-59 Slave or Free? Part I Bill Shishko 2011-01-09 AM Click Here
Mark 4:35-41 The Lord Is With Us in the Storm Octavius Delfils 2011-01-02 PM N/A
Psalm 2 The Glorious and Victorious King of the Church Octavius Delfils 2011-01-02 AM N/A

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