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2010 Sermons:

Passage Sermon Title Preacher Date Audio
Exodus 1:8-14 The Church Opressed Arie van Eyk 2011-02-20 PM Click Here
Luke 4:14-30 A Privledge Rejected Arie van Eyk 2011-02-20 AM Click Here
Exodus 1:1-7 Exodus-The Gospel According to Mosses Arie van Eyk 2011-02-13 PM Click Here
Luke 3:23-4:13 The Last Adam's Victory Arie van Eyk 2011-02-13 AM Click Here
Genesis 50:15-26 God's Grace and Faithfulness Triumphs Arie van Eyk 2011-02-06 PM Click Here
Luke 3:15-22 Christ the Baptizer Arie van Eyk 2011-02-06 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:29-50:14 Home is in Canaan Arie van Eyk 2011-01-30 PM Click Here
Luke 3:1-14 Preparing the Way of the Lord Arie van Eyk 2011-01-30 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:13-28 Blessings Suitable to Each Arie van Eyk 2011-01-23 PM Click Here
Luke 2:39-52 The Boy Jesus in His Father’s House Arie van Eyk 2011-01-23 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:8-12 The Lion from Judah’s Tribe Arie van Eyk 2011-01-16 PM Click Here
Luke 2:21-38 In the Christ Child Simeon saw Salvation Arie van Eyk 2011-01-16 AM Click Here
John 8:31-34 Slave or Free? Part II Bill Shishko 2011-01-09 PM Click Here
John 8:12-59 Slave or Free? Part I Bill Shishko 2011-01-09 AM Click Here
Mark 4:35-41 The Lord Is With Us in the Storm Octavius Delfils 2011-01-02 PM N/A
Psalm 2 The Glorious and Victorious King of the Church Octavius Delfils 2011-01-02 AM N/A
N/A Church Service Cancelled, Inclement Weather 2010-12-26 N/A
Luke 2:8-21 The Good News and the Sign Arie van Eyk 2010-12-19 PM Click Here
Luke 2:1-7 The Gift in Ordinary Wrapping Arie van Eyk 2010-12-19 AM Click Here
Genesis 49:1-7 Consequences of Sin and Conquest of Grace Arie van Eyk 2010-12-12 PM Click Here
Luke 1:57-80 Benedictus Arie van Eyk 2010-12-12 AM Click Here
Luke 1:39-56 The Magnificat Arie van Eyk 2010-12-05 PM Click Here
No AM Service due to ice 2010-12-05 AM N/A
1 Chronicles 29:1-20 Giving Thanks & Thankful Giving Arie van Eyk 2010-11-28 PM Click Here
Luke 1:26-38 The Annunciation of Christ Arie van Eyk 2010-11-28 AM Click Here
Genesis 48 Adoption and Blessing Arie van Eyk 2010-11-07 PM Click Here
Luke 1:5-25 The Gospel Demands Faith Arie van Eyk 2010-11-21 AM Click Here
Genesis 47:13-31 The Church Blesses the World Arie van Eyk 2010-11-14 PM N/A
Psalm 8 Worship the King Phil Proctor 2010-11-14 AM Click Here
Genesis 46:28-47:12 Separation in Goshen Arie van Eyk 2010-11-07 PM Click Here
Luke 1:1-4 Knowledge & Certainty Arie van Eyk 2010-11-07 AM Click Here
Genesis 45:25-46:27 The Embryonic Nation Arie van Eyk 2010-10-31 PM Click Here
Matthew 9:35-38 Compassionate Harvesters Scott Davenport 2010-10-31 AM Click Here
Genesis 45:16-28 Rich Provisions for Jacob’s Family Arie van Eyk 2010-10-24 PM Click Here
Jeremiah 32 Good to Us and Good to Our Children Arie van Eyk 2010-10-24 AM Click Here
Jonah 1-4 God’s Mercy To All Nations David Vance 2010-10-17 PM Click Here
Luke 23:33-43 The Difference Christ Makes David Vance 2010-10-10 AM N/A
Genesis 45:1-15 Family Reconciliation and Reunion Arie van Eyk 2010-10-10 PM Click Here
Psalm 121 Who Is Able To Help? Arie van Eyk 2010-10-10 AM Click Here
Genesis 44 Judah's Impassionate Intercession Arie van Eyk 2010-10-03 PM Click Here
Proverbs 9 With Whom Will You Dine? Arie van Eyk 2010-10-03 AM Click Here
Genesis 43:15-34 Feasting with Joseph Arie van Eyk 2010-09-26 PM Click Here
Psalm 115 God’s Glory, His Peoples’ Prosperity Arie van Eyk 2010-09-26 AM Click Here
Genesis 43:1-14 Full Submission Arie van Eyk 2010-09-19 PM Click Here
Revelation 22:6-21 Jesus is Coming Soon Arie van Eyk 2010-09-19 AM Click Here
Psalm 101 The Witness of the Home Irfon Hughes 2010-09-12 PM Click Here
Philippians 1:6 Sure Salvation Irfon Hughes 2010-09-12 AM Click Here
James 1:22-25 Profiting From the Word Part II Dr. Joseph Pipa 2010-09-05 PM Click Here
James 1:19-21 Profiting From the Word Part I Dr. Joseph Pipa 2010-09-05 AM Click Here
Romans 12:1-8 Living as New Creation Jonathan Shishko 2010-08-29 PM Click Here
Psalm 110 Conquest of the Royal Priest Jonathan Shishko 2010-08-29 AM Click Here
Genesis 42:1-38 An Awakened Conscience Arie van Eyk 2010-08-22 PM Click Here
Revelation 21:1-22:5 The New World Arie van Eyk 2010-08-22 AM Click Here
Genesis 41:40-57 Blessing upon Blessing Arie van Eyk 2010-08-15 PM Click Here
Revelation 19:11-20:21 Last Battle Arie van Eyk 2010-08-15 AM Click Here
Genesis 41:1-40 Joseph’s Deliverance Arie van Eyk 2010-08-08 PM Click Here
Revelation 18-19:10 Babylon Destroyed Arie van Eyk 2010-08-08 AM Click Here
Genesis 39:21-40:23 Forgotten? Arie van Eyk 2010-08-01 PM Click Here
Revelation 17 Babylon Exposed Arie van Eyk 2010-08-01 AM Click Here
Genesis 39:1-20 Fatal Attraction Arie van Eyk 2010-07-25 PM Click Here
Revelation 15:5-16:21 The Seven Bowls Poured Out Arie van Eyk 2010-07-25 AM Click Here
Titus 2 Adorning the Gospel Arie van Eyk 2010-07-18 PM Click Here
Psalm 130 From Depths to Heights Arie van Eyk 2010-07-18 AM Click Here
Matthew 6:19-24 Treasures that Last Forever Alan Dueck 2010-07-11 PM Click Here
Ephesians 6:10-20 The Christian Prepared for Battle Alan Dueck 2010-07-11 AM Click Here
John 4:1-26 Salvation from Above Joby Fowler 2010-07-04 PM Click Here
John 3:1-15 Q & A With a Pharisee Joby Fowler 2010-07-04 AM Click Here
Genesis 38 Why Genesis 38? Arie van Eyk 2010-06-27 PM Click Here
Revelation 14:6-15:4 Kiss the Son, Lest He Be Angry Arie van Eyk 2010-06-27 AM Click Here
Genesis 37:12-36 Sold into Slavery Arie van Eyk 2010-06-20 PM Click Here
Revelation 14:1-5 The Lamb and the 144,000 Arie van Eyk 2010-06-20 AM Click Here
Genesis 37:2-11 God’s Chosen Man Arie van Eyk 2010-06-13 PM Click Here
Revelation 13 An Unholy Trinity Arie van Eyk 2010-06-13 AM Click Here
Genesis 36 Esau is Edom Arie van Eyk 2010-06-06 PM Click Here
Revelation 12 The Woman, The Dragon, and the Child Arie van Eyk 2010-06-06 AM Click Here
Genesis 35:16-29 Eden’s Curse, Not Yet Removed Arie van Eyk 2010-05-30 PM Click Here
Revelation 11:15-19 Thy Kingdom Has Come! Arie van Eyk 2010-05-30 AM Click Here
Psalm 88 When All the Lights Go Out Ian Hamilton 2010-05-23 PM Click Here
John 8:1-11 Breath-taking Grace Ian Hamilton 2010-05-23 AM Click Here
Psalm 119:57-58 The Christian Life –Part II Dr. Tony Curto 2010-05-16 PM Click Here
Psalm 119:57-58 The Christian Life –Part I Dr. Tony Curto 2010-05-16 AM Click Here
Genesis 35:1-15 Consecration and Blessing Arie van Eyk 2010-05-09 PM Click Here
Revelation 11:1-13 The Church's Witness Arie van Eyk 2010-05-09 AM Click Here
Genesis 33:18-34:31 Defilement of the Covenant Family Arie van Eyk 2010-05-02 PM Click Here
Revelation 10 Sweet & Sour Arie van Eyk 2010-05-02 AM Click Here
Psalm 103:15-18 Our Mortality vs God's Steadfast Love Peter VanDoodewaard 2010-04-25 PM Click Here
Psalm 42, 43 Despondency and Hope Peter VanDoodewaard 2010-04-25 AM Click Here
Genesis 33:1-17 Reconciled! Arie van Eyk 2010-04-18 PM Click Here
Revelation 8:2-9:21 The Trumpet Blasts Arie van Eyk 2010-04-18 AM Click Here
Genesis 32:22-32 The Wrestling Match Arie van Eyk 2010-04-11 PM Click Here
Revelation 7:9-8:5 The Church Triumphant Arie van Eyk 2010-04-11 AM Click Here
Genesis 32:1-21 Evidences of Grace Arie van Eyk 2010-04-04 PM Click Here
John 20:1-10 An Empty Tomb? Arie van Eyk 2010-04-04 AM Click Here
Genesis 31:1-55 Homeward Bound Arie van Eyk 2010-03-28 PM Click Here
Revelation 7:1-8 The Church Militant Arie van Eyk 2010-03-28 AM Click Here
Hebrews 6:13-20 A Steadfast Anchor of the Soul Mr. Roger Wiles 2010-03-21 PM Click Here
2 Thessalonians 1:3-12 The Coming of Christ Ensures Justice Mr. Bob Eckardt 2010-03-21 AM Click Here
Genesis 30:25-43 From Rags to Riches Arie van Eyk 2010-03-14 PM Click Here
Revelation 6 The Opening of the Seals Arie van Eyk 2010-03-14 AM Click Here
Genesis 29:31-30:24 What’s in a Name? A Power Struggle Arie van Eyk 2010-03-07 PM Click Here
2 Timothy 3:14 Continue In What You Have Learned… Arie van Eyk 2010-03-07 AM Click Here
Genesis 29:13-30 The Tricked Trickster Arie van Eyk 2010-02-28 PM Click Here
Mark 10:13-16 For of such is the Kingdom of God Arie van Eyk 2010-02-28 AM Click Here
Ephesians 3:14-19 Paul’s Prayer for Strengthening Dr. Sid Dyer 2010-02-21 PM Click Here
Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul’s Prayer for Enlightenment Dr. Sid Dyer 2010-02-21 AM Click Here
Luke 11:5-8 The Parable of the Friend at Midnight Dr. John Carrick 2010-02-14 PM Click Here
Hebrews 4:14-5:10 Christ—Our Great and Sympathetic High Priest Dr. John Carrick 2010-02-14 AM Click Here
Genesis 29:1-20 The Tricked Trickster Arie van Eyk 2010-02-07 PM Click Here
Revelation 5 The Slain Lamb has Triumphed Arie van Eyk 2010-02-07 AM Click Here
Genesis 28:10-22 The Lord’s Ladder Arie van Eyk 2010-01-24 PM Click Here
Revelation 4 Worship His Majesty! Arie van Eyk 2010-01-24 AM Click Here
Job 42:1-6 Confession & Repentance Dr. Joseph Pipa 2010-01-17 PM Click Here
Luke 13:1-5 Believers’ Response to Disasters Dr. Joseph Pipa 2010-01-17 AM Click Here
Psalm 2 A Gospel Call Mr. Lacy Andrews 2010-01-10 PM Click Here
Psalm 23 The Gospel According to David Mr. Lacy Andrews 2010-01-10 AM Click Here
John 1:35-51 Disciple-Making: Come and See (and Hear)! Part II Arie van Eyk 2010-01-03 PM Click Here
John 1:35-51 Disciple-Making: Come and See (and Hear)! Part I Arie van Eyk 2010-01-03 AM Click Here

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